FuelCloud's hardware is compatible with most existing fuel equipment and powers the platform by tracking and controlling pump use.

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Full feature hardware for a fraction of the price

Because FuelCloud uses the processing power of the cloud, you pay up to 10 times less than legacy fuel management systems with comparable features

Future proof

Internet connectivity means FuelCloud’s hardware stays up to date with the latest features and fixes


Wi-Fi and cellular data enabled

Your CloudBox stays connected with whatever network is available, even in remote areas or on mobile tanks.


Fuel management that grows with your business

Add or remove hardware from pumps as necessary. The more boxes you install, the lower your per-box monthly fee.


Small form factor for every kind of pump

FuelCloud’s hardware is a little larger than a shoebox and fits on (and around) most standard fuel equipment.

Rated and Full Warranty

FuelCloud stands behind all of its products

Our patented hardware is UL and FCC rated, and we offer a full one-year parts and labor warranty in case anything does go wrong.

Easy Installation

Get started in hours, not weeks

Any contractor or electrician can install FuelCloud in a few hours using our installation guides. Online setup is easy, and you can begin tracking transactions immediately.

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